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Choosing skirts that is based on body shape

kikuukkkkIf you want to get the stylish and fashionable impression, especially for you who like to wear a skirt, I will give you instructions here on how to choose a skirt that suits your body shape.
1. Sexy woman
Sexy woman has a body like an hourglass. Sexy woman’s body is pretty and certainly would be more attractive if combined with the type of classic skirt. You can add a belt as an accessory. You can also choose a skirt with a form to help accentuate a small waist you have.

2. Petite woman
If you have a petite body, then you would look attractive when you’re wearing a tight skirt. You can add the use of high heels that would give the impression of height.

3. Women with large hips
Women who have this kind of body shape is commonly called a pear woman. This is because her body shape is similar to a pear. If you have a body shape like this, then you can wear A-line skirt that falls just above the knee. For getting slimmer impression, you can choose a black skirt. Avoid wearing tight skirt because it would give a great impression on your thigh.

4. Skinny and tall women
Skinny and tall women are very suitable to wear a skirt with layer type, tulips and mermaid skirt. These types can provide a silhouette on the flat hips so as to give the impression of a fuller. We recommend that you avoid selecting a straight and plain skirt because it would not add “volume” on your body. You can choose a skirt with many accents to give the bigger impression of “body volume”

5. Short women
If you have a plump or short body shape, then you shouldn’t use a long skirt. Use mini skirt only so as to give the impression of a high.

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