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Setting Out to Get One’s Groove Back

traditional shortsOnce you finally take your vacation from that regular grind in your corporate office you want to think of how you will really relax and get things all back together.  What do you think looks best on you when strolling a Caribbean beach at sunset?  Are you one who likes the traditional shorts and sport shirt look?  Or do you feel more comfortable in a t-shirt with khakis and sandals?  Perhaps you’re one of those who prefers walking about in your bathing suit with a sun visor and your sunglasses, while your companion is dressed in a tennis outfit.  And while you are sipping your evening cocktails and munching on your appetizer do you plan to have a hearty meal or just to have a light sandwich before heading for the evening lounge to hear the steel band.

Any or all of these choices are viable options when you are enjoying your stay at one of RUI’s Caribbean vacation resorts.  And they are both accessible and affordable when you use a Groupon promo code as your way to schedule you next trip at a reduced rate.  RUI can help you make all the necessary travel arrangements so that all you need to do is pack your belongings and head for your airport.  Once on your way you can concentrate upon your planned activities.  Perhaps you want to learn something new; for example, taking classes in cooking the cuisine of the islands.  Or you might want to make this a “physical fitness” vacation, and spend your trip using the exercise rooms of the resort, the swimming pools, tennis and golf courses, and bicycling.  Maybe you prefer indulging in the local art and culture, and want to go to the local markets and art shows.  Or perhaps you will enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming or boating.

Obviously, there is so much to do that one trip can’t possibly give you more than just a taste of what the Caribbean has to offer.  You might be wise to get another Groupon so you can make another visit to an RUI Caribbean resort to continue your exploration of the diverse experiences available.  And when making these trips you can continually expand your wardrobe to meet the many different activities you will encounter.


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