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Identifying Real Leather Items

images (25)It’s always an awesome feeling to be able to add yourself to an actual leather wallet, buckle or even something more current like an actual leather iPhone case or new wallet. The problem is that the fake leather market is always active finding new ways to technique people into buying their bogus items. What we’d like to discuss with you here these days are our best tips for finding bogus items.

1. The Fragrance Test
Almost everyone in the world can likely identify the smell that comes from items created from leather. While this smell can be duplicated, it’s not simple to do so and most producers of bogus leather products don’t hassle to go to that excessive as most of their concentrate is on developing low cost products in high amounts. So, while it may seem a bit unique, the first thing you can do to start determining if your item is created from actual leather is smell it. If it has a cheap nasty smell or odors of rubberized or substances, it’s likely bogus.

2. Real Leather Tag
This might seem like revealing the truth but unless there’s a sticker or a mark somewhere on the item, or perhaps assures involved with the item you plan to buy that clearly declares it’s actual leather then you already know you might working with a bogus. Any item that provides the “Real Leather” sticker needs to be created up of at least 50% authentic leather. Provided a sticker can be photo shopped but never ignore the apparent symptoms when you’re trying to identify synthetic leather items.

3. Check The Joints
Even the finest quality authentic leather items will have somewhat hard sides around the edges and you might even find some blemishes at these factors too.


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