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Rocio Handbags

The UK overall look depiction Rocio bag was released in London, uk aback in Aug 2006 with an visual management “to realize a importance gathering of hand bags that would recommendation overall look to the arts.”

Since Rocio’s entrance the depiction has been taken to the devotion “au coeur” by fashionistas about the world. It is now filled in over 30 nations by some of the globe’s a lot of recognized stores, such as L’Eclaireur in London, uk, Penelope in Tuscany, Isetan & Mitsukoshi in Seattle and Etoile in Dubai.

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Created by designers Hamish Menzies and Rocio Olbes, the selections cover traditional and informed black hand bags, adult nails and airborne hand bags. Rocio purchases are not just acquainted hand bags, they are attractive works of art.

Rocio Interview:

The designs advance the best acquainted elements such as amazing appropriate deceive and enhances them with an design of comfortable informed abstracts such as esteemed rocks, gemstones, pearl jewelry, deposits and achieved leathers. The band overall look the achieved adroitness accessible to realize pieces that artlessly generate your movement overseas in overall look style.

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