Rolex Daytona History

rolex1The Rolex Daytona is turning 50, and of all the collectible vintage Rolex watches on the market is probably the best known and most sought-after. Today, Daytonas are one of the most popular brands of Rolex sports watches and the company’s only chronograph, but vintage Daytonas, particularly the stainless steel model, are still considered by many to be more desirable than a new model. What makes the older Daytonas so special? What is the history of this fascinating timepiece?

From Simple Beginnings . . .
The Daytona emerged in the 1960s as a sporting model of the chronograph with an external tachymeter scale on the bezel as well as an Oyster case. Previously, sport chronographs from Rolex, now called pre-Daytonas, had the tachymeter printed on the dial. The prominent external tachymeter allowed for easier speed timing, and the use of this car by sports car and race car drivers gave rise to its name, hearkening to the Daytona Beach racetrack.
Between 1961 and 1991, Daytona featured a manual-wind wheel chronograph movement dubbed the Valjoux 72. The rarest of all Daytonas, the Paul Newman Series, feature this hand-wound movement, making manual wind a very sought-after quality among Daytona collectors. The Paul Newman specifically has an exotic dial with a solid-color offset dial contrasted with subdials and an outer minute track. Finding one of these rare watches is not easy. The best place to start is by searching vintage watch dealers such as Bob’s Watches, who carry a vast selection of second hand Rolex watches.

And Today . . .
Of all the Daytona collectible models, the Paul Newman series is probably the most valuable. The actor’s wife supposedly bought the one he was photographed wearing for many years, making this Daytona one of the most desirable of collector’s watches.
Oddly, one of the reasons for the Paul Newman popularity is that people of the time did not like the watch itself, calling it ugly. Therefore, very few were produced, making this a rare Rolex indeed.
The Paul Newman exotic dials were dropped in the 1970s, leaving the silver and black dials that are far more common today. However, these versions of the Daytona still retained the Valjoux 72-caliber movement and the small 37 mm case.
In the late 1980’s, people began to see the older Daytonas, particularly the Paul Newman version, as collector’s items, a trend that drove up prices. In 1991, Rolex introduced a new Daytona version with a 40mm case and automatic winding Zenith El Primero movement. Today, the tradition of automatic winding movement and a stainless steel case continues to drive Daytona as one of the most popular Rolex models.


Quality Sunglasses At Affordable Prices

images (25)Most of us know that when we go out into the sun we should use some kind of eye wear. Just as our body needs to be secured from the sun, so do our eye. Another important purpose to put on sunglasses is to avoid problems with glare from the sun. This can be a remarkable problem when driving. The beauty of sunglasses is they can be bought in several shops. From the high end fashionable sunglasses shops to dollar store bargains, there is something available for everyone.

If you are looking for a new couple of shades because you have missing or damaged yours unless you like the brand product sunglasses, you will discover something that will work for you. Suppliers and retailers as well are aware that everyone wants to sport a fashionable couple of sunglasses, but not everyone is willing to invest an excessive sum of money in order to get them. For this very purpose, sunglasses are available for every cost range. Have you came through a shopping center and seen the display of sunglasses and examined the cost tag only to be taken aback by the price? Some of the more popular and fashionable sunglasses can cost a large amount, for those willing to pay that for a pair of sunglasses that is excellent. For the individual that just needs to get a fast pair of in costly sunglasses that are still fashionable because they left their pair at home when hurrying out the house, affordable choices are available. Find a wide range of cost-effective sunglasses at drug stores, gas stations, and a wide range of other businesses. The best factor about these sunglasses is that not only are there sunglasses available for a different range of costs, they are also designed to secure the person’s eye from the dangerous radiation of the sun. Buying cost-effective sunglasses does not mean that you will be skimping on quality. Affordable sunglasses come in many different designs, shades, and dimensions to match whatever style is desired.

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Benefits of Fall River Tuxedo Rentals

Putting on lovely and unique attire on the wedding ceremony is certainly the dream of each and every person; an attractive outfit could be the spotlight on the great day. For this reason, people who are soon to get married pay comprehensive attention to own the finest attire for their greatest day. Regrettably, the costs of wedding clothes are increasing more often.

Consequently, many people are unable to pay the high cost of their favored attire for their special day. However, it is possible to put on the best clothing by selecting Fall River tux rentals. There are many advantages of renting good tuxedos for wedding or other occasions.

The primary benefit of renting wedding tuxedos is it will save you lots of money. If you purchase an excellent tuxedo for your wedding, you could wind up adding a huge burden on your pocket.  This may put a great pressure on your marriage budget. Fortunately, it is possible to ease your marriage budget and utilize it optimally on numerous other items by simply renting your marriage attire. There are numerous stores that rent wedding dresses and outfits for minimal prices. Simply by selecting tuxedo rentals, it is possible to wear an attractive dress on your wedding day while saving good amount of money.

Furthermore, renting your wedding attire will save you considerable amount of time. Haggling at numerous venues for purchasing your preferred outfit usually takes away substantial amount of time. You could run out of time, if you decide to purchase your wedding outfit at the last moment.

Fortunately, you can stay clear of these circumstances by going to a dependable marriage rental in your locality. Simply browse through the wide selection of wedding tuxedos at a few trustworthy tuxedo rentals, and select the right dress that fits your individuality in a classy manner.

Another interesting benefit of renting your marriage attire is it eliminates problems related with storing your marriage outfit. Wedding dresses tend to be extremely pricey; therefore, it becomes important to store them safely to prevent any type of damage. Also, caring for the wedding costume becomes a problem mainly because you could be wearing your wedding attire at most one or two times a year. You will need to ensure that your dress is actually clear of moths. In addition to this, you have to safeguard the dress from dust as well as dirt. Luckily, most of these problems can be solved simply renting your wedding outfit. Soon after wearing the dress on your wedding day, simply return it to the tux rental; that’s all.

Thus, renting wedding tuxedos provides several benefits. Wide selection of choices, affordability, space saving and time saving options are usually a few of the wonderful benefits of renting a dress for the big day. Due to these appealing reasons, choosing Fall River tux rentals is a better option to purchasing your attire.

If you want to wear a distinctive and stunning dress on your marriage day without denting your finances, rent your marriage tuxedo to achieve the preferred look on your special day. Shop around sensibly; explore numerous clothes at dependable wedding tuxedo rentals, and rent an appropriate costume that is in accordance with your budget and individuality.


What’s hot in the cold this year?

winter warmersNow the weather is turning really cold, those of us who haven’t already will be hot-footing it to the shops to stock up on winter warmers. Some of this year’s trends are a little bit unusual so we’ve provided a brief summary of the must-haves for this year.

Pinks are really in this winter. This is quite unusual for this time of year, especially since light, pastel pinks are particularly in when it comes to winter coats. The colour can be worn alone as a head-to-toe statement, or combined with beige or scarlet to make you stand out. To tone it down, greys are also big this season so a flash of pink with a predominantly grey outfit can keep you on trend without turning too many heads.

In terms of patterns, it’s all about squares this year. Tartan is particularly on-trend, as is any fabric with checks and linear patterns. According to Glamour Magazine “every girl has something tartan in her wardrobe”. Animal print is also a popular pattern this year, with some surprisingly classy looking leopard prints making an appearance on the catwalk. Floral patterns have also shown up on the catwalk, marking an unusual transitional continuation from summer to winter. Another pattern that has made the transition from summer to winter is camouflage. Combining it with luxurious fabrics has given a different take on the old master of disguise.

This year, it’s all about feminine clothing. Nicely shaped dresses, gathered in the middle and showing off the waistline. For skirts and tops, it’s all about the fullness of the skirt combined with big shoulders and a tailored middle. Wrapping up against the cold in trousers, sweatshirts and boots just doesn’t cut it this year; click here to see the contrast with last year’s cold weather wear.


Purchasing a coat tends to be the one big spend of the winter for most people. Thankfully this year, you get a lot of coat for your money. Big coats are in. They are oversized, lightly tailored and in pale colours and tartans. Combining two colours is popular this year, both in the form of panelled looks and wearing two coats together. Shoulders are gently but deliberately rounded with faux fur putting in an appearance around collars and cuffs.


If you can’t handle the idea of purchasing pink clothing then why not pick up a pink bag, scarf and gloves? As for shoes, the animal print trend has spilled over into footwear, along with the snakeskin effect. While sensible shoes that we can walk in are creeping back, the stiletto is still a big look this season. In particular, jeans are notably more acceptable when teamed up with a pair of high, dainty stilettos. Statement jewellery can add a little bit of glamour to any outfit. Large items covered in gems were also popular on the catwalks in colours to complement the rest of the outfit rather than to stand out of their own accord.


Prada Handbags

images (30)Mr. Mario Prada opened a high-class shop in a galleria in Milan, Italy in 1913. The shop, named Frat Elli Prada, was operated with Mario and his brother. They sold purses and handbags, imported English trunks, beauty cases, and high-class accessories. The brand name,” Prada”, soon became a top favorite of the most famous European upper class. The items are hand made using the best materials available. The styles are simple yet traditional. Prada is known world-wide for their top quality, designer items. Descriptions of selected Prada handbags and purses give the reader information about the details of a number of beautiful Prada bags.

The Prada Dark Designer Hobo Handbag: is crafted in durable nylon material with matching black leather. An adjustable shoulder band allows for easy carrying. The bag shape is a rectangle with a gently bending top. The bag has silver-tone components. The internal is fully covered with designer logo material and has an internal zip pocket. The top side zip pocket is handy for keeping your important stuffs. The triangular, Prada logo printed medallion on the front side of this bag is stunning. The purse is created in Italy. The measurements are: 14 inches L x 10 inches H x 3 inches Wide.

The Prada Caramel Leather Tote in pebble-grain, calfskin leather is a beautiful designer handbag. The developer has used rich color and fine leather to create this elegant bag. It is detailed with gold-tone components. The internal, covered with designer logo fabric, has a zippered pocket. The bag shape is rectangular. A front side pocket with zip closing keeps important stuffs and a mobile phone readily accessible. The gold-tone Prada logo on the side gives the bag a traditional look. The purse is created in Italy. The size of the purse are: 15 inches L x 13 inches H x 6 inches W.

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